Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Over many years, I’ve worked with countless anxious people all over the world, with pretty much every anxiety problem you can imagine (and some I bet you can’t) to help them overcome anxiety and feel in control again… and the practical, effective and evidence-based methods I’ve been using can generate dramatic improvement.

My training has been extensive, including many different qualifications over many years. I learnt from many world-leading professionals, their vast experience and cutting-edge research. The main focus of my training was on coaching and effective psychological interventions for anxiety, stress and health/wellbeing.

Here are the three most important highlights of my training:

  • I trained in coaching at different schools, including the prestigious University of Oxford. 
  • I trained in evidence-based psychological treatment at different schools, including the world-renowned Charlie Waller Institute at the University of Reading.  
  • I completed a full practitioner qualification (PGDip) in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), arguably the most well-regarded psychotherapy title in the UK.

My services are truly unique, combining all the most effective approaches and techniques to alleviate your anxiety symptoms and increase your self-confidence. 

My expertise is helping you to stay motivated and focused, adopt a more helpful mindset, leave negative thoughts and worries behind, pick up effective behaviours and habits, decrease stress, increase self-confidence and effect real-life change. My anxiety program is a comprehensive solution that helps you achieve all of the above in 12 weeks (click here to learn more).

I use tested and effective methods that help you dramatically improve your symptoms. No untested theories without practical application. No psychobabble and pointless stuff. I don’t suffer pseudoscience gladly, especially when YOUR life and wellbeing is at stake. My preference is for no-nonsense, evidence-based and effective techniques that are backed by scientific research and proven to work.  

Your real-life change is a priority.